5 Reasons to install a Swimming Pool in your back yard.

5 Reasons to install a Swimming Pool in your back yard.


Having your own, private pool is a dream come true for most people. Even though they all want it for different reasons, it doesnt diminish their desire even one bit. Some believe that having a pool in your back yard is a matter of luxury and prestige when there is in fact, a lot more to it. With this in mind, here are 5 key reasons why installing a swimming pool in your own back yard may be a great idea…

1. Good for your fitness

Most people don’t know this but swimming is one of the best cardio exercises out there. In fact, some people even consider swimming to be superior to running. The major reason behind this is the fact that swimming is a lot safer. While you run, your knees and feet are under a lot of pressure. Combine this with uneven terrain and bad running shoes and what you get is an injury just waiting to happen. On the other hand, swimming is not only an effective but also completely safe method of shaping up.

2. No more crowds

The greatest downside of swimming, is having to deal with crowds and work hours, every time you feel like going for a swim at a public pool. By installing your own swimming pool you can completely forget about this inconvenience. Sure, it might not be the most cost-effective idea ever but not everything in life can be measured in hard currency. Sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more to give yourself these small luxuries.

3. Raises the price of your property

Regardless of how much your property may be worth now, once you install a swimming pool in your back yard its price will sky rocket. You may not have the intention of selling your family home but you never know what tomorrow may bring. If you do decide to sell your property, the presence of a beautifully constructed pool will increase its price so much that it will more than cover any costs of the pools construction.

4. Great entertainment

On those hot summer days, there is literally no better entertainment than to go swimming in one of those amazing fiberglass pools or to even just chill next to it. So why not utilize your pool area by installing a fabulous fountain or water feature, a wooden deck or even a beautiful braai area. Add a few pieces of outdoor furniture you are ready to go. For the final touch, you could install an awning or lapa and protect your sitting area from the harmful sun rays and UV light that they contain.

5. Kids love it

Finally, if you want to do something nice for your kids there is really nothing better than installing a swimming pool for them to play in. This is also a perfect place where you can safely and efficiently teach your kids to swim. Naturally you need to teach them to respect the pool first and warn younger kids never to play around the pool without adult supervision.

Stay tuned for our upcoming pool safety article.

In the end there are so many reasons for you to install a swimming pool in your back yard and not a single one against it. It would be foolish to let an opportunity like this slide. Building a beautiful pool will certainly be a decision that you will never come to regret.

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    I would love to but I don’t think there’s enough space for it. Anyway, those who are planning to build one need to read this.

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