Robust Pools is pleased to announce our new REFERRAL PROMO.

If you refer anyone to Robust Pools and it results in a sale, as a token of our appreciation, Robust Pools will send you an incentive fee.

All you have to do is one of the following:

  • Complete the introduction form below
  • Call our office on 031 312 1332 and inform us of your referral details and your details.
  • If you have referred Robust Pools to a company, get them to quote your name and details when they contact us regarding their advertising.

Incentive Fees:

Gunite Pool / Pre-Formed Fibreglass Pool – Robust Pools will send you R500-00
Fibreglass Lining / Marble Plaster – Robust Pools will send you R250-00


  • Only if the introduction results in the sale.
  • On hand-over of the finished product, Robust Pools will send you your Incentive Fee.
  • Please make sure that you supply Robust Pools with your correct information and banking details.

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