Salt Chlorinators

How does it work?

Just-Chlor needs only 0.5% (5000 PPM) salt to produce sodium hypochlorite through an electrolytic process. Salt levels are only +/- 12% of sea water. When your pool pump is running, water passes over the electrolytic cell and produces chlorine, which is pumped back into the pool.



Swimming in a pool treated with Just-Chlor is like swimming in a giant teardrop! You no longer have to store dangerous chemicals. No gas is generated when water flow stops (automatic cut out).



Just-Chlor will save you a fortune in chlorine costs.



Many skin irritations are eliminated. No unpleasant chlorine odours or eye irritations.


No Hassles:

Automatic: Just-Chlor is designed to automatically produce the required level of chlorine in your pool all year round running in conjunction with your filter. Maintaining the correct salt level is made simple with the built-in Salt Monitor, indicating when salt should be added to the pool. Keep your pH between 7.2 and 7.4 and Just-Chlor will do the rest. You can now go on holiday and not worry about your pool going green. The cell is easily cleaned and its transparent shell allows you to check whether it is working effectively or requires cleaning.