Repairs & Renovations

Different types of repairs and renovations:

  • Fibreglass linings
  • Marble plaster
  • Filter systems
  • Paving and water features
  • General pool repairs and renovations
  • Insurance work

Fibreglass linings: (three year guarantee)

Robust Pools fibreglass line pools as per the NSPI minimum requirements. Robust Pools use an Isophthallic Polyester Resin which is a specialized resin used in a wide range of critical applications where a tough, high performance, water and chemical resistant resin is required. This specialized Isophthallic Polyester Resin is used in combination with a layer of 450 g/m2 Chop Strand Mat ( glass reinforcement ) and a layer of tissue and a final outercoating of Isophthallic Pool Coat.

Six reasons to fibreglass line your pool:

  • Provides a non-porous surface with no cavities; therefore algae and bacteria growth is retarded saving you 80% in your chlorine costs.
  • Has the ability to flex, accommodating ground movement.
  • Highly stain and chemical resistant and keeps its beautiful finish for life.
  • Non-abrasive and comfortable on swimmers’ feet.
  • Excellent thermal insulator, making your pool water 3-4ºc warmer.
  • Compatible with salt water chlorination.

Marble plaster: (one year guarantee)

Robust Pools re-marble plaster pools as per the NSPI minimum requirements. The marble dust is imported from Namibia and the white cement from Belgium. The Marble plaster is mixed as a ratio of 2x marble dust to 1x white cement to form a white, water resistant plaster layer.

Please note: there is no guarantee against the marble plaster staining.

Filter Systems:

Robust Pools specialize in the repairing of all filter systems including the PoolMaid.

We carry a range of PoolMaid spares, including:

  • Filter Bags
  • Manifolds and diffusers
  • Weir baskets
  • Pumps – either Speck or Quality

Paving and water features:

Robust Pools have won numerous national pool awards for quality and is the only pool company to have on two occasions won the Prestigious Corobrik National Award for Excellence in Paving, so our paving and brick work is of the highest quality.

General pool repairs and renovations:

Robust Pools does top quality pool renovations like re-sizing your existing swimming pool as well as repairing damaged and cracked pools.
Insurance work

Robust Pools is authorized with various Insurance Companies to carry out insurance repairs.

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